COVID-19 Protection Policy


Keeping our offices, warehouse and fulfilment centre safe and operational:

Working from home guidance:

  • We are following UK Government guidance, which is that those who can work from home do so and those who cannot, should now go to work to protect jobs and the economy.
  • With that guidance, we have decided to reopen our fulfilment centre with all the appropriate guidelines on social distancing in place.

Reducing shift numbers:

  • We have capped the number of staff on shift in our warehouse/fulfilment centre at any one time. This means we can make sure everyone is safe and can respect the two-metre social distancing rule.
  • We’ve also staggered shift departures and we’ve put in place dedicated exits and entrances so employees don’t need to cross paths.

Implementing strict social distancing measures inside and outside our warehouse:

  • We have dedicated senior team members to enforce social distancing throughout the facility and have put in place additional social distancing signage throughout the site. We have taped and painted guidelines inside and outside the workplace, ensuring everyone stays two metres apart, and we have implemented one-way systems where necessary. We are currently manning every pack-bench (where orders are packed) so staff can maintain a 2m distance while working, as we review other safety-first options such as installing screens.
  • While we have these measures in place, we are asking our employees to play their part and also take responsibility for maintaining social distancing inside and outside of the workplace.

Enhanced hygiene and cleaning measures:

  • We have put in place lots of additional hygiene and cleaning measures, with regular deep cleans with disinfectant throughout the day. Equipment used by staff is also regularly cleaned during shifts and always cleaned after shifts.
  • Alongside soap and water and hand sanitiser. Also we have also brought in facemasks which can be worn by staff if requested, though this isn’t Government guidance.